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Where To Buy Innova Dog Food

The first two ingredients in this dog food are turkey and chicken. Although they are quality items, raw turkey and chicken contains about 80% water. After cooking, most of that moisture is lost, reducing the meat content to just a fraction of its original weight.

where to buy innova dog food


And lastly, this food contains chelated minerals, minerals that have been chemically attached to protein. This makes them easier to absorb. Chelated minerals are usually found in better dog foods.

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Become a member of our pet food consumer Association. Association for Truth in Pet Food is a a stakeholder organization representing the voice of pet food consumers at AAFCO and with FDA. Your membership helps representatives attend meetings and voice consumer concerns with regulatory authorities. Click Here to learn more.

Great article! I remember all of this. I relied on California Natural, pre-P&G, because it was a limited ingredient food and my dog with allergies did well on it. Then everything changed for the worse with the P&G purchase, just as we all feared it would, and kept deteriorating. It was a terrible time for pet food as big companies, like P&G, bought up the smaller pet food businesses and poorly regulated imports flooded the supply chain (thanks to bad American oversight). It was really hard to know whom to trust.

what would be the new company by the original Natura owners?????? I bought Dr. Wendell O. Belfield, Orthomolecular Specialties, he told me he was involved in the very first Natura. Since he passed away, in August of 2018 I do not know how to find out about the ORIGINAL owners move to produce another dog food??Thank you for any info!!!

I was on the West Coast and owner of a holistic pet supply in 2010. Innova & Cal Nat were my best selling foods. I had an excellent relationship with the company rep and stood solidly behind their business model.

The RegulationsPet Food is regulated by federal and state authorities. Unfortunately, authorities ignore many safety laws. Click Here to learn more about the failures of the U.S. pet food regulatory system.

Innova Evo dry dog food is a high protein, low carbohydrate and grain-free kibble made by Natura Pet Products, Inc. Natura Pet Products advertises Evo as an "alternative for raw feeders and home-cookers". Evo dry dog food is not a raw product, but the company claims that the high content of meat in the food makes the kibble a supplement to or a replacement for raw food diets. Innova Evo is a premium dog food, which is not sold in supermarkets. It is available in select pet food stores.

Choose which type of Innova Evo dry dog food that you want to purchase. Evo is available in two flavors - regular (turkey and chicken) and beef. Choose whichever flavor your dog prefers, or alternate flavors for variety. Evo is also available in two kibble sizes - large bites and small bites. Large bites are appropriate for large-breed dogs and small bites are appropriate for small-breed dogs or dogs that prefer small kibble. Innova sells a reduced fat version of Evo for overweight or senior dogs.

Innova Dog Food is one of the better products on the market in terms of variety and in terms of protein content. We have given Innova one of our very top ratings as a reflection of their high quality offerings. No product is perfect for every dog at every stage of his life. Innova understands this, and they have crafted a wide range of products to address the varying needs of dogs as they develop. Their dry foods have eleven different varieties. Four of them are custom designed for all life stages and have met the strict standards set by the AFFOC. Two of their dry products are perfect for the needs of a growing puppy, and five of their dry kibbles are specifically for adults.

If your dog prefers wet food, they offer seven different types of canned dog food. All of their foods contain a healthy and tasty mixture of meats, grains, and vegetables. Many of the Innova Dog Food products also contain chicken meal which is an excellent source of protein for your best friend.

Reviews for Innova dog food tend to be extremely positive. It contains no fillers or hard-to-digest ingredients, although it may trigger sensitivities in dogs who suffer from grain allergies. Additionally, it contains only real turkey and chicken supplemented with high protein chicken meal and no by-products. It also contains a number of sources of sustaining omega-3 fatty acids, including flaxseed, herring and chicken fats, all of which are quality ingredients when found in dog food. It also includes fiber and beneficial carbohydrates in the form of barley, rice and potatoes. The formula includes a number of probiotics and chelated minerals for easy absorption, making up for the nutrition lost during cooking and processing. The food contains moderate levels of protein with average levels of carbohydrates and fats, making it an appropriate formula for most dogs. For the level of quality and nutrition offered, the price point is reasonable, although obviously more expensive than formulas with lesser quality.

Proctor and Gamble has not touched Natura in the way it manufactures its food. A distributor I know said P&G is not going to touch anything with Natura and let the former employees run Natura. As long as it makes money, there is nothing to touch.

My two dogs have been eating Innova for a long, long time. I recently changed to Innova Weight Managment since they are both getting older and putting on some extra weight. They are thriving on this formula and shedding some pounds in the meantime. Innova has been and still is an excellent dog food. Have tried other brands and my one dog, a Lab, always had issues with other brands. He is just an Innova dog.

Having spoken to a distributor, as he has been told, Proctor and Gamble are leaving Innova and the other foods that Natura used to make alone. This is even after the formula changes that were done by the people at Natura, not P&G. If you compare formulas for the old to the new, you will find the new formulas are somewhat better than old. If your dog is having issues with the new formula, I doubt it is the food, but the dog have a reaction to the change in the formula. When I switched both my dogs did not have any issues at all.

I was very unhappy with this dog food and the company. I slowly started to change my dogs from blue buffalo to innova prime. All 3 of my dogs got very sick and ended up at the vets. I emailed the company about there product and was told there was no recalls and sorry your dogs got sick. This is a company that does not stand by there product with a 100perfect guarantee. I would never buy anything that comes from this company. All animal lovers beware.

Innova used to be made by Nutura Pet Products and was an excellent food. In 2010, the Nutura Company sold to Procter and Gamble (which is a concern). Years ago, Proctor and Gamble bought the company that made Eukanuba pet food, and since then the quality of that food has really gone down hill. They said they did not change the formula or ingredients, but as many animals got sick, they finally admitted that they had. My fear is that P & G will do the same to Innova. I would avoid this food for that reason. Proctor and Gamble is just worried about the bottom line, and not pets.

The company that makes Innova dog food is called Natura Pet Products who is owned by Procter & Gamble. Natura Pet Products also makes several other pet food formulas, including California Natural pet food and EVO Dog Food. Natura Pet Products was first founded in 1992.

In March 2013, Natura recalled specific formulas of Innova dog food due to Salmonella found in one of the products. Please read about the recall on our blog. On April 19, 2013, Natura expanded the recall for all dry food and treats.

You are most likely already familiar with the food pyramid designed for human nutrition. Innova brand dog food formulas follow a similar concept, taking ingredients from each of the five pyramid groups (except for Innova EVO, which is grain-free). Some examples of the ingredients found in Innova brand dog food formulas include Eggs, Pumpkin, Carrots, Cottage Cheese, Herring Oil and Flaxseed.

Innova is subject to high ratings in most online dog food reviews. Though the inclusion of grain ingredients is always subject to controversy in relation to dog food, Innova also offers grain-free Wellness Core formulas. Wellness Core is extremely well received by dog owners, as long as a transitional period is provided in between switching formulas. 041b061a72


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