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[S6E5] Safe Haven

This is important but not surprising. It raises the stakes of Glenn's survival enormously and it places Maggie in a more precarious situation than ever. Being pregnant and on the move in this world is nearly impossible. That's one reason Rick needed to settle down at the prison---to find a safe place for Lori to give birth. If they can't find a way to save Alexandria (which is pretty much the perfect place to give birth) then we're on the road again, which is bad news for Maggie.

[S6E5] Safe Haven


take Mulder to a meeting with General Wegman and the two Men in Black, Grodin and Smoodge. They have realized that the flight data recorder he was turning over to the FBI was from a scraped plane and that the whole thing was a Fletcher scam on the FBI. Mulder bluffs his way through the meeting, claiming that the real black box is safe and that he didn't let them in on the scheme because he didn't know if he could trust them.

It is Friday, May 15, 2020, and the last day of school for you as a sixth-grader. You are ready to move on to A/C Life Science next year and you WILL be hugely successful. Do as you have been and work hard, you will have wonderful teachers and Life Science is so much fun. Enjoy the summer and be safe. Grades will be finalized by Saturday at midnight. Best Wishes, CM

Deborah Lyons knows how to keep a cool head in a crisis. In August 2021, when the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan, Deborah, in her former role as Head of UNAMA, was responsible for ensuring the safety of staff across the country, among them many women.

Natalia Kanem, Executive Director of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), is working to deliver a world where every pregnancy is wanted, every childbirth is safe and every young person's potential is fulfilled.

"...[P]eople living with HIV need to go to the clinic to collect their ARVs. Now many are afraid because they think they're going to catch Corona there. Others are prohibited because lockdowns include restrictions on movement. So we had to move in quickly to help governments to know how to apply public safety measures that don't take away the opportunity for people living with HIV and are vulnerable to seek their treatments. Then there's also human rights, that when public safety measures are applied evenly and forcefully that certain groups of people whose human rights are contested tend to suffer even more. So you found gay people, you found sex workers, you found people who inject drugs, transgender people, facing particular difficulties, more discrimination, more stigmatisation in the context of Corona."

In the episode Valhalla of Criminal Minds, the team is tasked with solving a series of murders. During the investigation, Prentiss grows suspicious of a former nemesis, and her fear for the safety of the team grows. Many viewers have commented that they wish the team would wrap up their issues with Doyle sooner, and some have expressed their preference for episodes that don't focus on a single team member.

The team must find a way to outwit the killer and uncover his motives as they hunt for clues through the streets of Los Angeles. With every moment ticking down, the team must also keep in mind the safety of the Detective's daughter and find a way to rescue her from the killer's grasp. Will the team be able to prevent the killer's plans and bring Detective Spicer's daughter back home safe and sound? Tune into Criminal Minds: The Longest Night to find out. 041b061a72


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