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Buy Pictures For Living Room

Highlight your living room walls and create an ambience that's unique to you with our selection of living room wall decor. Choose from our curation of canvas prints and dimensional decor, even photographic pictures for your living room, in both statement sizes and coordinating multi-panel sets. Shop our assortment of living room art pieces that add a touch of modern style, vintage allure or peaceful vibes to the best hangout spot in the house.

buy pictures for living room

While your choice in art or photography can reflect the color scheme of a room in a major way, this is not necessary for visual harmony. Slight glimpses of color or even variations on a certain hue in your wall art can draw the eye to create tonal continuity. Or go with the power of stunning contrast while leaving concerns about matching colors behind.

Finish your bathroom in style with this stunning wall mounted mirror. It has lots of great features you would expect in a high-end, hotel quality product. Only the best materials have been used to create this classic, versatile mirror, ideal for use and decoration in your bathroom, powder room, or ensuite.

Interior designer Rachel Chudley (opens in new tab) continues: 'Starting with an artwork is almost like cheating a little bit, because it gives you an instant focus point and gives you an instant palette. A large painting can anchor the color palette for much of a room. The wall shades should reference the painting without mimicking it. A common misconception is the need to match the colors exactly to a work of art in order to work with it. Instead, be inspired by the painting.

'Whatever you do, keep the artwork away from natural light, as this can cause the colors to fade over time. If you have a bright room that you want to buy art for, consider prints that are less expensive and less likely to fade. For sculptures, try positioning a few lights around it: shapes and details can be better appreciated from different angles, if the light comes from different sides.'

At that point, it's time to consider how to choose your living room furniture, taking into account how you use the space, what kind of sofa you prefer, how many armchairs you can fit in, whether you need a sofa bed, and the importance of a coffee table or ottoman, and of course side tables to put a drink on. The right furniture can make a huge difference to the feeling of a room. Consider the scale of it - you don't want tiny furniture drowning in a huge room, although small living rooms can often benefit from some oversized furniture. In an open plan living room-cum-kitchen, furniture can be essential for breaking up the space; a sofa with its back turned to the dining table is a handy way of differentiating between the living space and the dining space. And consider how you use your furniture before you make the final decision - do you prefer to lounge on a squashy sofa or is this a more formal room where you'd prefer to sit upright?

In her basement flat in west London, interior designer Thea Speke has created a masterclass in lightening and brightening a potentially gloomy space. In the sitting room, Thea had the orange and rust coloured cushions made up from fabrics that she sourced from Goldhawk Road and Rose Uniacke.

A classic open-plan living space, the warm natural tones and textures of parquet by Oak Artisans and a sisal rug by Tim Page soften the lines of the minimalist kitchen (left) in this London house designed by Kerry Franses.

Serial renovators of historic houses on a grand scale, the dynamic design duo Peter Sheppard and Keith Day took on their greatest challenge yet with exquisite 18th-century Wolterton Hall in north Norfolk, which had lain uninhabited for almost 30 years. Originally for royal visitors staying in the adjoining State Bedroom, this is now the main sitting room. Talk about grand.

In the living room of a novelist's house in London, a striped ottoman by Susan Deliss sits on a rug from Robert Kime, next to the sofa in burnt-orange velvet from, which divides the sitting and dining areas. The blue resin lamp by Marianna Kennedy and vintage lifebuoys from Criterion auction house add colourful touches.

Having moved from Atlanta to London with her husband during the pandemic, interior designer Sally Wilkinson has created a one-bed flat in Chelsea that is a love letter to the couple's time in Europe. The living room is a lovely mix of vintage and bespoke, drawing from different European styles and design approaches. With a calming colour palette and comfortable furnishings, it is the perfect retreat.

In the living room of Alfred Bransen's Hackney flat with quite a Danish sensibility, a sofa from IKEA mixes with a vintage coffee table and lots of colourful soft furnishings. The cushions are a mix of Hay and The Apartment DK, while the fish that hang above the sofa are Alfred's collaboration with Ohayo, a Danish brand that imports Japanese antiques, ceramics, vintage textiles and curiosities and celebrates the Japanese aesthetic in Scandinavia.

In Nicola Mardas's home in Deal, the long sitting room occupies most of the first floor, looking out over the sea. A rug by Robert Stephenson adds colour, while deep blue curtains in Romo's 'Linara Bilberry' are brightened up with a Samuel & Sons border.

The main living area of Sally Wilkinson's rented flat. Sofa by Sofa Icon covered in a Claremont fabric, lumbar cushion in Rose Tarlow fabric, small cushions by De Le Cuona. Side table is antique and coffee table is vintage from Vinterior. Green lamp by Penny Morrison with lampshade by Robert Kime. Dining table is vintage from Petersham Nurseries, tablecloth custom-made with fabric by Chelsea Textiles. Dining chair slipcovers custom-made from Claremont fabric.

Interior designer Anahita Rigby brings a Regency house in London out of the darkness and into the light with her soft, airy and detail-oriented design. The well-appointed living room features two Agatha armchairs from Arlo and Jacob, Elica folding stools from Giobagnara and a Grisewood lamp from OKA. The travertine table is from Golborne 44, as is the solid elm chair, which was designed by Finnish designer Olavi Hänninen. The chandelier is an antique Murano, sourced from Italy; the globe was found at the Sunbury antiques market in Kempton.

When she had to make her new cottage comfortable and liveable in the period before a full renovation, interior designer Katharine Paravicini made some clever decisions about where to splurge and where to rein in the budget. As in much of the house, the walls in the living room are painted in Farrow & Ball's 'Pointing', which forms a neutral backdrop for Katharine's arrangements of fabrics. The rug was a bespoke commission from India.

What was once a nine bedroom bedsit has been transformed by Natasha Howard, the designer behind Instagram's 'Philamena', into an elegant and inviting family home. The sitting room, painted in 'Murrey Red' from Papers and Paints, has a grown-up sophisticated feel, with a marble fireplace from Lassco, a mirror Reed & Wright and curtains made from Howe at 36 Bourne Street's 'Satin Stripe'.

In the bohemian flat of artist Viola Lanari, doors were used as a canvas. Artist Maude Smith painted both sides of the door to the living room as an impromptu birthday gift over drinks at the flat one evening. The lampshade by the sofa is paper painted with a design by Viola, used as a trial for her fabric collection. The rugs are all from eBay.

When Honor Devereux was asked by a longtime friend to overhaul her Victorian house in south London, a dream collaboration was born. The result is a comfortable, layered family home admirably laid out for modern life. Pops of neon colour electrify this otherwise muted living room. The stripey pink chair was another find from a sourcing trip in Morocco. The owners already had a brilliant collection of art, which provided the starting point in many rooms. Above the fireplace hangs a print by the artist Frea Buckler, while the piece in the alcove is a painting by Lincoln Seligman. See more of this home here.

The living room of textiles dealer Susan Deliss' French country home is painted a soft blue, this perfectly counter balances her electic mix of patterned fabrics. The red sofa, from George Smith, looks fabulous covered in a vibrant collection of cushions.

This vibrant living room belongs to none other than Rita Konig, in her County Durham farmhouse. Walls in 'Invisible Green' by Edward Bulmer Natural Paints set off a sofa from David Bedale Antiques in a vintage fabric and a yellow-upholstered Gillows armchair. The coffee tables, possibly from Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler, stand on a rug from Robert Kime.

The dynamics of a family business can be complicated, especially when the time comes to hand it on, but interior decorator Chester Jones and his son Toby have managed a seamless transition as evidenced by their collaboration on this 19th-century house in Oxfordshire. The double drawing room is vast, but is so cleverly arranged into seating areas that its atmosphere is one of calm and comfort.

Rugs can be a helpful way to divide the space and define different areas in a large room. Here, two rugs from Afridi Gallery serve this purpose. On one side, a Bijar kilim is teamed with a kilim-covered 17th-century chair and paintings by Ivon Hitchens and Patrick Heron, among others.

'The sitting room seemed to need pink... After splashing splodges of various pinks about, I called Patrick Baty at Papers and Paints and he mixed exactly the right shade that warmed and softened the room.' The colour is now in one of Patrick's paint ranges - naturally called 'Parsonage Pink'. The furniture is simple - no flounces, ormolu or unwanted frilly bits; nothing that is not appropriate. But more than that, nothing that is not pretty. It is quiet, peaceful and comfortable.

In the living room of designer Ben Pentreath's flat in Bloomsbury, the walls of the sitting room are hung with a pale grey grasscloth, which provides a neutral background for the brightly coloured upholstery, including the flame-coloured ottoman, trimmed with 'Grand Galon Athenee' from Clarence House at Turnell & Gigon, and the mint-green armchair from Pentreath & Hall. 041b061a72


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