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Luxury Chocolate: The Best Sweet Recipes For Pr...

Discover the most colorful chocolates with Ritter Sport. Each chocolate comes in a vibrant wrapper, so you can taste the rainbow, and no, we are not eating Skittles here. The brand prides itself on using the best ingredients in its chocolates like whole biscuits, crunchy hazelnuts, sweet strawberries, Alpine milk, fine marzipan, or the best Jamaican rum. We appreciate how the brand pays attention to ingredients and only uses three to four ingredients in each chocolate.

Luxury Chocolate: The best sweet recipes for pr...

Jacques Genin is known as one of the best chocolate melters in the world and works out of his workshop in Paris. While Jacques Genin crafts some of Paris' most delicious chocolates, he also is widely known for crafting delicious caramels and pâtes de fruits. If you are looking for the ultimate French sweets, Jacques Genin sets a high bar. Jacques Genin stocks the top French hotels and restaurants with his sinfully creamy delicacies.

I made these today. I have tried a few recipes for chocolate muffins and these are by far the best!!! And much better the shop brought muffins. I was wondering if this recipe can be used for mini muffins ?

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