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[S19E1] Stunning And Brave [HOT]

Mr. Mackey announces to the parents and students of South Park Elementary that following an incident in which a student referred to rape as a "Hot Cosby", Principal Victoria has been fired, and a new school administrator, PC Principal, has been hired in her place to make the school more progressive. PC Principal tells the assembly that he will work to make people aware of their racism and biases. When Kyle Broflovski is given two weeks' detention for saying that Caitlyn Jenner is not a hero, his father, Gerald, confronts Principal, and when he refers to Jenner as Bruce Jenner, Principal becomes violent and throws them both out of his office. When Gerald, Randy Marsh, Stuart McCormick and others speak critically of Jenner at a college bar, they are confronted by a group of violent, politically correct college men who insist that Jenner is stunning and brave. The college men and Principal decide to form a fraternity house. At school, Kyle, Stan Marsh, Kenny McCormick and Butters Stotch convince Cartman to form a scheme to resolve the problem of Principal, invoking to him the image of Cartman's rule-breaking hero, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Cartman confronts Principal in the restroom, and threatens to frame him for child molestation, but Principal violently beats him for employing words that Principal perceives to be politically incorrect, and Cartman is hospitalized as a result.

[S19E1] Stunning and Brave

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Randy goes to the fraternity house and is inadvertently pledged into the group with the help of a large amount of alcohol. In the hospital, Cartman is ready to give up and accept that he and the rest of the gang are bigots, but Kyle refuses to accept this and is resolute in his position that Jenner is not a nice person. Randy and the other pledges shame Kyle by waking him to a room full of pigs painted with the word "biggit". After a dream where Cartman is simultaneously Tom Brady, Roger Goodell and Bill Belichick, with Brady evading consequences for his actions during the Deflategate scandal, Cartman pledges to Butters that he will get the better of Principal. After a brutal hazing, Kyle asks Stan to make Randy and his PC gang stop assaulting him. When Butters tells Cartman that Kyle is now the main target of the PC fraternity members, Cartman vows retribution. Cartman and others mount an 'anti-PC' assault on the fraternity house but Kyle interrupts it, publicly calling Jenner a hero and brave. Everyone applauds Kyle, and a clip from the 2015 ESPY Awards is shown. Randy is then initiated into the PC fraternity, which believes he was responsible for Cartman's assault that prompted Kyle to "check his privilege". The boys begrudgingly conclude that political correctness is not going away any time soon.

Caitlyn Jenner stars in this episode, the first of a season that's already skewering today's PC landscape. It did not exactly denigrate Caitlyn at all, but it did shine a light onto people's opinions of and reactions to her. Namely, the episode revealed what happened if, at the climax of media madness surrounding Caitlyn, you didn't think she was stunning and brave. Even now, what if you just dislike Caitlyn Jenner as a person, irrespective of her gender?

She is brave and bright, and hospitable to a high standard. She stands with her chosen company and finishes the job with finesse. Her love for Gwen steers her true as she listens to the voice she imbued in her hammer in the forging. Their conversations are both endearing and insightful.

Her favorite "Grey's" character: Sandra Oh's Dr. Cristina Yang, a regular for the show's first 10 seasons. "She was such a messy, rich character with no apologies and was silently revolutionary in that way," Francis says. "Cristina was maybe not objectively very likable, and yet she was beloved. That's a real lesson in being brave enough to play a character who might be prickly and just going for it." 041b061a72


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