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Mass Effect 2 Pc Download Full !!INSTALL!! Game

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Mass Effect 2 Pc Download Full Game


In 2021, a comprehensive remaster of all three games in the original Mass Effect trilogy was released, dubbed Mass Effect Legendary Edition. This featured many changes to Mass Effect and its sequels Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3, including major overhauls to graphical quality and gameplay. Legendary Edition consolidated not only the three games, but almost all of their original downloadable and other content, with a few exceptions.

On June 14, 2010, BioWare released a free demo version of Mass Effect 2. The demo features the beginning missions of the game. The player can carry over saved progress from the demo into the full game once it is purchased. The demo is available for Xbox 360 and PC.[20][21]

The demo includes the missions Prologue: Save Joker, Prologue: Awakening, and Dossier: The Convict. After completing the second mission, the player is informed that if progress in the demo has been saved to a storage device, then that save data will be usable in the full game. The third mission will then begin, but no progress from that mission will be saved.

The development team planned for much more extensive downloadable content than what was available in Mass Effect, and a large portion of the Mass Effect 2 team moved to DLC after the game's release[24]. Episodic combat, weapon and armor packs, characters, worlds, and full campaign expansions are available for download. [25]

At the time of the game's release, those who bought a new copy of the game got a free activation code to the Cerberus Network, while those who rented or bought used copies had to pay a 15-dollar activation fee; presently however the Cerberus Network is a free download. Periodic updates were provided via the in-game 'Cerberus Network' as well as external DLC channels. Mass Effect 2 DLC found outside the Cerberus Network varies in price. [25]

Unlike the original Mass Effect, where weapons overheat if fired continuously for prolonged periods, the weapons of Mass Effect 2 have a finite magazine and must be reloaded after a certain number of shots.[10] A damage-absorbing shield protects Shepard and the squad members. When the shield is fully depleted, further damage reduces the hit points of a secondary health meter. The shield bar and health meter regenerate when not taking fire for a brief period.[5] The player can revive fallen squad members with the use of the Unity power.[6] However, if Shepard dies, the player must start the game again from the last saved point.[1]

Mass Effect 2 is set within the Milky Way galaxy during the 22nd century, where interstellar travel is possible through mass transit devices called Mass Relays, a technology believed to have been built by an extinct alien race known as the Protheans.[12] A conglomerate body of governments known as the Citadel Council controls a large percentage of the galaxy and is responsible for maintaining law and order among races of the galactic community.[13] Races that belong to the Citadel Council include humans, asari, salarians, and turians. Other alien races in the game include the reptilian krogan and drell, the environmental-suited quarians, and a hostile race of networked artificial intelligence called geth.[14] During the events of the original Mass Effect, a geth army attempted to open a portal for the Reapers, a highly advanced machine race of synthetic-organic starships that are believed to eradicate all organic civilization every 50,000 years.[15] The galactic community has since lived in fear of another possible invasion. Meanwhile, a human supremacist organization called Cerberus believes that humans deserve a greater role in the galactic community and supports the principle that any methods of advancing humanity's ascension are entirely justified, including illegal experimentation and terrorist activities.[16]

New game purchases are provided with a one-time use card granting an access code that unlocks the game's Cerberus Network, an online downloadable content and news service that enables bonus content for the game.[74] However, users who bought a used copy would have to pay for the Cerberus Network separately if they wanted access to the new content.[74] This policy allows publishers to combat the used-game market; companies like GameStop have allowed customers to sell used games back to the retailer so that the company can resell them at a slight discount to other customers, but the publisher does not make a profit.[74] BioWare online development director Fernando Melo revealed that 11% of all Mass Effect 2's downloadable content revenue came from the Cerberus Network.[75] The policy attracted criticism from some of the fan community, who have criticized downloadable content as being overpriced and an incentive for developers to leave items out of the initial release.[76]

The game's visuals and atmosphere received similar praise. GameSpot reviewer Kevin VanOrd remarked that Mass Effect 2 is more detailed and darker than its predecessor.[5] He wrote that "deep reds and glowing indigos saturate certain scenes, making them richer and more sinister; eerie fog limits your vision in one side mission, while rain pours down upon you in another. Subtle, moody lighting gives certain interactions great impact."[5] Reviewer Adriaan den Ouden of RPGamer credited the conversations and cutscenes for featuring better cinematography than the first game, stating that "it's hard to imagine them becoming much better in Mass Effect 3".[105] Critics also gave high marks to the game's extensive cast of voices; in particular, Martin Sheen's performance of the Illusive Man, which was singled out for "steal[ing] the show".[2] Andrew Reiner, writing for Game Informer, opined that the music "flows beautifully" in both the story and action sequences.[10] The game's presentation and direction were considered "miles ahead of the competition".[2]

Mass Effect 2 has been cited as one of the greatest video games of all time by multiple publications, including Slant Magazine in 2014,[123] IGN in 2015,[124] Polygon in 2017,[125] and Game Informer in 2018.[126] In 2011, the game was selected as one of 80 titles from the past 40 years to be placed in the Art of Video Games exhibit in the Smithsonian American Art Museum.[127] According to the museum, the exhibit explored "the 40-year evolution of video games as an artistic medium, with a focus on striking visual effects and the creative use of new technologies."[128]

The game's sequel, Mass Effect 3, was released in 2012.[129] The sequel begins on Earth with Commander Shepard having been detained following the events in the Arrival downloadable content pack.[130] The story of the game is influenced by decisions the player made in the original Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2.[131] However, if Shepard dies at the end of Mass Effect 2, the character cannot be imported into Mass Effect 3.[132] BioWare stated that Mass Effect 3 ends Shepard's story arc and that future games in the series would feature a different context.[133] Unlike its predecessors, Mass Effect 3 features a multiplayer cooperative mode in addition to the single-player campaign.[131] Although the game received critical acclaim from video game publications,[134] its ending was poorly received by fans and drew significant controversy.[135]

If you purchased a digital copy of Mass Effect through the EA app, all DLC is included in the game, without any need for additional purchases or download. This includes Bring down the Sky and Pinnacle Station.

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It is Not a fun game. However, the scale, visuals, and play make up for this. Mass Effect 2 is a massive improvement in an already excellent game, which also means anticipation for Mass Effect 3is going to be enormous.

Announced via BioWare fact sheet, anyone who purchases Dragon Age II for any platform and registers the game by April 30th will receive a free PC download code for Mass Effect 2 through the EA Store. Full instructions belows:


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