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Buy Mallomars Chicago ~REPACK~

I grew up in Brooklyn in the 60'smand they were like the best cookies ever!I can remember the box as being light blue and white and I remember theywere packaged like mallomars. Every time I go into a new grocery store Ialways scout out the cookie aisle just in case.... I was so thrilled to findyour website to see there are other 'nuts' like myself out there.I would love to see a photo of the old box!Funny thing is, I always ask friends if they remember them, and some do, butwe can never quite come up with a name! Sort of like trying to remember thename of the robot on Lost in Space!well thank you so much for letting me take this trip down memory!

buy mallomars chicago

Yes I remember them! As my 6 year old and I were eating mallomars he asked what my favouritecookie was when I was I kid .... Marshmallow Sandwiches! They were THE best. They did have athin layer of orange jam inside! I was born in 1970 and I remember eating them until at least theage of 5 ... I wish they'd bring them back!

My husband and I have been going crazy for two years trying to remember the name of thesemarshmallowsandwich cookies. Glad I finally tried the internet and got the answer. We grew up in the Bronx inthe 50'sand fondly remember eating them with a nice cold glass of milk. We also loved Melody cookiesand wouldtruly love to see both brought back to the cookie market. I would love to introduce them to mychildren andsomeday my grandchildren. What's wrong with Nabisco? They have a million products many ofwhich noone would miss. Obviously, Nabisco doesn't care to increase their sales from the many boomerswho wouldlove to see these come back and from all the new potential cookie afficianados. Oh well, I guessI'll justhave to survive on memories and mallomars. At least I finally found out the name of thismysterious cookie. 041b061a72


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