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Before I move on in my analysis, I first want to describe part of my own experience at the Women's March on Washington. Even though we did not meet, I shared the city that day with Peoples and with the white women in the photograph. This is how I looked at the march on DC: a white, cisgender, femme lesbian woman, wearing a pink pussy hat, one hand locked with my partner's--also a femme lesbian, and crocheter of the hats--and the other hand holding up a sign saying "Respect Women of Color." I was dressed for the chill: a fleece-lined orange rain jacket over a striped shirt and workout zip-up, black skinny jeans cuffed over lace-up ankle boots. All I had carried with me on an overnight bus from Bloomington, Indiana, to D.C. was stuffed into the march-regulated 7"-by-4" crossbody purse that I had dutifully purchased at a Goodwill the day before leaving. This is how I moved through D.C. during the Women's March, the body that was pressed against other bodies down the streets. There were selfies. I probably could have been one of the white women in the background of the photo of Peoples, with only a slight shift in timing and our trajectories through the march that day. I could be a stand-in for any number of white women at the march. People might notice my queerness, my main signifier of difference, or not. (The white woman in the middle of the photo is wearing rainbow accessories, too.) My femininity is that of a queer femme, deliberately, and I performed my queerness at the march; my feminist outrage was for all, but focused on my queer and trans family who suffer under heteropatriarchy. Either way, I move through the world in a privileged body: white, able, cisgender. I also know the privilege my body gives me, as someone whose gender is not questioned or denied, whose whiteness makes people assume I am not threatening. I felt joyful at the march, in many ways a form of white privilege in itself.

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