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Aee Sd19 Dvr 1080p Hd Camera PATCHED

1x Nabi Action Camera1x Removable back with LCD screen1x Waterproof case1x Mini USB charging cable1x Mini USB to USB cable1x Remote Control4x Sticky Mounts1x Sliding buckle mount1x Tripod screw to bolt mount adapter1x Velcro strip2x Mounting bolts1x Caseless camera mount cradle1x A/V cable1x 4GB Micro SD card with case1x Lanyard1x Lens cap2x Sticky spacer rings for tripod mounts1x Carrying Bag1x CD Instruction Manual

Aee Sd19 Dvr 1080p Hd Camera


HD cinematography by your aspiring Steven Spielberg, professional quality, and extreme durability...waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, and most of all KID-PROOF! It's the most powerful HD camera that you'd trust with your kids. Simply Incredible!

@Stallion Not too sure about the missing parts. Morning save is owned by Mediocre which is also the parent company of Meh. I find it unbelievable that they would have two different products for both sites. I think the camera package is the same but it doesn't come with the extra go-pro accessory pack which is right if you're comparing the price with the $69.99 Amazon price.

I recently did a couple YouTube vids comparing 3 cheap cameras to a GoPro H3+ Black and each camera has it's positives and shortcomings. Unfortunately the nabi wasn't in the mix, but it gives you some idea that a $25 camera can be "good enough".

@ruouttaurmind Wow, I was so just taking a stab in the dark there. I lived just a few blocks north from the PV mall. I don't know about the tech stuff here, but you sure have a bunch of cameras. Did you mount all 4 on your dash at the same time?

I can't say if this is the same as the Nabi Pro HD (also sold as a kids camera) but I have two and shoot 175 degree stills that are sharp and work in low light. The build quality is much better than a few I've been sent for review and the image quality is waaaay better. Haven't tried the housing, but the video and sound are also very good.

@The_Tim I also bought that Swann camera from the same site and it has been a good camera until the battery died. I cannot find a replacement battery anywhere. I just replaced the camera with a Sony, Midland, Go Pro, and now this Meh deal. Probably a little overkill.

@cengland0 try this -Sino-Rechargeble-Battery-SD18/dp/B01E0SGX5I/I believe the Swann and the Nabi are made by AEE. The meh pictures of the Nabi even show that "Powered by AEE" is printed on the back of the camera. They both look similar to the AEE SD18, but there are also SD19, SD20, and SD21 variants. I don't know the details about the different models so I can't guarantee it will fit your Swann. It looks like it might...The Amazon link is to a $13 battery, I found similar ones on ebay for less than $10.

@ruouttaurmind I'm building an assortment of cams similar to you, from the look of things. I have a specific application in mind where two identical cameras would be useful so I felt I should jump on this for the price.

@ruouttaurmind I question what goes through the mind of the guy in the video that when he see's a red camera he immediately has visions of a puppy's penis. Maybe I'm the weird one, but when I first saw it I thought "Cool, Farrari red!". Then again, I'm just "city folk" so I don't have much animal penis exposure.

As a professional kid I tear up everything I own, except this. This camera is me proof... I love how it's red and how it records video... and how I can't break it... because, you know, I'm a professional kid... really. I am not some guy in a review factory cranking out positive reviews for a living, not me... no sir, I am a kid.

I have two nabi squares and I love them. I'm hoping this is the same camera. For the $$ it takes very good video and meh photos. The remote is really great to have. I've used mine as a dashcam and I'm very happy with the video. I'm in for one and if it's as good as the square I'll kick myself for not getting two.

Was going to buy three, but the cameras are all sold out. Went to morningsave and found VMP members get a small discount, so just the camera was $35. Got two cameras there and one gopro kit here for $80 total. Not as good a deal as I could have had a few hours ago, but I'm not too disappointed.

I'm interested in this to use as a dashcam, wondering how well it would work in that capacity. That said, the photo that shows all the parts that come with the camera is making me ill. I have spent the last few months trying to declutter my house, and all those little parts look like thousands of other little anonymous mysterious parts that I have tossed. I get ill to my stomach just thinking about bringing any more clutter into my house. Yes, I'm serious, it's got to that point, we live in an age where we're surrounded in, and live in, shit. Some of it is useful shit, most of it is just clutter that builds up around you like a prison cell.

@djslack I'm apparently a better dick farmer than I thought. Received a pair of Square HD cameras, which are (as best I could tell when researching back when this sale was on) the newer model. That takes some of the sting out of missing a fuko.

@mwylile Yeah, it's definitely too narrow to fit on that part of the GoPro mount. The good news is that if you happen to have "real" GoPro mount around, the other part of the mount (with the enormous thumb-screw) does appear to work, meaning that the head band mount and the tripod mounts should work, and you should be able to use the suction cup mount with the "real" GoPro mount. The tripod mount clearance appears to be too small to actually fit the camera, though, but thankfully it doesn't matter: the nabi doesn't need it since it has a "proper" tripod screw base anyway. It does work with the headband mount.

@Ignorant Nope, is the camera. If you record a noisy scene, it may drown the beeping. But indoors or in a quiet place, it ruins the capture. Funny enough, there is and AUDIO only capture option, I tried it and there were no beeps.

@Joffroi The noise sounds a lot like interference. Cell phone is a strong source but not the only source. It may even be from within the camera itself - or the LCD backplate. Was this recording done with the backplate on?

@djslack I'm pretty sure the interference is coming from the encoding hardware itself. The smaller the video resolution, the less beeping. There's also an audio recording only mode and using that, I got a WAV file that had only the occasional beep in it - but still had the beeping. At $40 I'm considering trying to open the camera and seeing if there's something obvious that can be shielded to try and resolve this.

Well that's annoying @NombreDeUsuario. I have the morse code noise on the video recording also. I thought it sounded like the cell phone noise and turned my phone off as @Ignorant suggested above. Same noise present. I may need o learn more about it's operation but since I recorded a video, the camera want's to record all of the time. If I power it off and back on, it starts recording immediately. Hopefully this thing isn't a POS.

The problem that you all are having with the beeping sound is from the memory card that was supplied with the camera. I compared it to an Samsung EVO+ that I have and it only makes the sound when using the transcend Micro SD and not with the samsung. Video shortly

The (audible) artifact is most likely related to exposure compensation while the camera seeks to adjust brightness within the existing ISO limit. The specific digital artifact's signature is most likely present on both recordings, but YouTube compresses the living shit out of everything with their own algorithm so I can't forensically compare the two files and draw a conclusion. There are myriad reasons why it (said artifact) may be audible on one recording and not another. You'll notice that the exposure compensation is more apparent in the (second) file captured on the manufacturer provided SD card, and as such the issue most likely may be correlated to the maximum write speed of the card inserted, overall.

OK, so @Pavlov is onto something, or on something, or both. I tried a 32GB Samsung Ultra. The morse code noise is (mostly) gone, but there is a continual buzzing noise that is still present. I played back my video made with the Transend card that came with the camera and that buzz was there too. I don't imagine Nabi has compiled a list of compatible memory cards.

I used an old card I had, 32GB. It beeps significantly less. Maybe a new one will fix it. The buzz I think is just the cheap built in mic. And no, the beeping is not from uploading to YT. Mine beeps playing it back in the camera.


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