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Download TOP Game Girl House [Latest] В Socigames

Here on Itch is the Public version. You can visit the Patreon for the latest version, polls, bonus content and most importantly: help me & support the development of the game!

Download Game Girl House [Latest] В» Socigames

1. I found a bug (in faster most option). I can talk with the smith girl during her imagine how he play with the guys. The normal option; buy, sell or what every show up, a shop window. Luckily, the event continues, more worst... The event before of her, "Take of Helmet" start to run again!! along with the first that actually run...But I can end it.... However, it's done, yet. After that, I was send out from the shop with the invisible sprite... No main character pixel... Just a camera more around alone... However, I'd saved the game before talk to her to again. Luckily, this time, anything is going well (But I'm back to normal speed walk).

But downloading it from mega is a real hassle for me. Mega is slow, crashes my webbrowser and even has a maximum daily download limit. Sadly many other games like this on itch did not get the upload file size limit lifted by itch staff, and even more sadly many of those games creators also use mega for uploading, so I have to carefully choose only a few of them to download at each day because of the limits of mega.

Question, I am a paid supporter of your game but for some reason I'm only ever allowed to downlosd the 2nd most recent versions even though I get your emails saying I can download the newest. Right now it's just .16 for me. Are the newest releases patreon only?

When I downloaded v25, and tried to continue from an old version, I get the "Save files from old versions of this game are not supported." How do I fix this, or do I have to start the whole game from the beginning? Please help, and thank you.

question. Is the vampire girl in the demo? If so how to trigger event. Also please answer my previous comment on specifically when this game will be on steam. If its still undetermined sorry for making this comment look something like a complain or something?.

Who knows man. When it comes to downloading games off of steam or other official apps, sometimes that pops up. I've downloaded an app before and my phone says its VERY dangerous but ive used it for 4 years. Up to you if you're going to download now or wait for the reply of the creator. :)

Huh? Romance? Is that a thing in this one? All i know is some good game matric s, cool gameplay and fighting methods like rest of rpg,but romance? There isn't such thing in this one tbh,all is there is some random girls,just talk fuck and be done with it,i didn't noticed romance or any meaningful scene with any of girl,just like fucking prostitute for free it seems.

And about them being prostitute, what else they are? Girls who fuck random dudes for fun? Okay I will call them sluts for your sake(i use same word for them), and i don't like both,my main problem is those sluts are main girls and not side character in this game, fucking sluts who are side girls is okay, but if main girls are slut then bam, it's waste.

The problem is not in the game, but in the fact that the itch application does not install the game correctly. If you install the game manually (by downloading the archive from the site manually and unzipping it), then this problem will not occur. We contacted support but they didn't answer. Therefore, the only solution is to install manually.

In the time between then and now, some prices have changed, though, with at least P:GT dropping to half price, which did for some reason give me access to the latest version, and I have talked to the developers of IW and have recieved the current latest version of that game, as well as a kind soul on your own Discord server gifting me the DLC's for your game, have ended up giving me the promised value, but the problem is still that I didn't recieve what I had presumeably paid for right away. In talking to Sad Crab Studio, it does seem that the problem is with the bundle itself in the itchio website, but they have not answered my emails yet.

Ok, I just wanted to make sure, i've had the game downloaded before and had no problem with it, this is the first time something like this ever popped up with it, had my PC screwed by virus's before and wanted to be on the safe side

weird, came here to complain about an install being borky. redownloaded 'cause the error said the data was corrupt and shock horror, it resolved the problem! downloaded the 6.91 update a few days ago, unpacked via 7zip, got an error about game/data. solution: download the game again and try idea if the above information helps anyone, but there ya go

Important information for everyone that is playing My New Family on mobile and has updated to Android 11: With Android 11 the persistent save file method doesn't work anymore. This means that now you have to manually backup and copy your savegames over. Your old savegames are still there, however, and here is what you have to do to access them. First, download a file manager app. A good one is =com.speedsoftware.explorer . It will let you browse all the folders on your phone. Now, to access your old savegames, navigate to Android/Data/Renpy/MyNewFamily-somenumbers. Inside this folder are your savegames. Mark all the savegames you want to copy over. Now, navigate to Android/Data/ This is the folder where you have to paste all the savegames you just copied. You probably have to create this folder yourself if you didn't try to start the game yet. That's it, now your savegames should work under Android 11 as well! Just make sure to back them up each time before you install a new version. To do this, simply move the savefiles from Android/Data/ to a different folder, delete the app, install the new version and paste them back in.

Never heard this before. My play through v.23 went very smoothly. Are you using mods or something? If not, maybe it could be the save your using being corrupt. I really wouldn't know what the problem is, but usually when things like this happen it's usually attributed to a corrupt save. I am not saying this is the problem, try to get the latest save file for v.2.3 and then play it from there (making sure all the girls / women are pregnant and your dating all of them).

There has to be another place to download this. I cannot download anything from When I try to DL anything from here it stops at around 70% then says forbidden. I usually can find the games i want other places but i cant find the .14 download anywhere

Thanks Aleshebi, I'll take a look there.It's a game that has an interesting setting with some decent graphics and good characters, it looks like he's absorbed quite a bit of The Headmaster for it, but he's really undermined it all chiefly with the dialogue and some laughable animations.The most obvious one is the terrible, game-breaking, family word replacement "Is it okay that tenant and half tenant feel like this ?" "We're all household neighbor Mary" I'm presuming he's just done a Find & Replace on all the family words to avoid incest restrictions from or similar, but it kills the game and is a relatively easy fix by them just being a step family with no actual blood ties.The first person animations too, which makes the girls look like they're having a mini-stroke whenever they're supposed to be French kissing ( heads suddenly dropping and tongues lolling out), and don't get me started on the 'winking' which seems like they have all contracted some sort of eye infection !Obviously I could go on and on, and that's only because the core elements are actually good and a lot of this could be sorted with some decent exposition and editing, but how responsive Killer7 might be to doing this to his creation is a different matter.

This game is way too good. Like I downloaded this the first time cause I thought It'd be a fun silly porn game with some good art and now I'm fully invested in the story and characters. Both this and Once In A Lifetime have made me legit laugh AND feel. Like what the hell. Keep up the good work I'm excited for the next update!

I can't even begin to describe how good an experience this is. I am not a visual novel person, especially something in this vein... but what started out as a game to "chill" with, really ended up making me hooked. I thought about the story (not just bewbs) as I spent time away from the game. Some stupidly superb writing going on here. I didn't even get all the girl's paths on my first playthrough, but I still had one hell of a time. The story really got left on such a strong cliffhanger, emotionally. Definitely will be coming back for 0.6. Thank you for making this, truly incredible!

The Secret of the house is a long sex adventure. Our hero Fred loses his parents and lands in the house of a close friend of his father. Fred meets the sexy housewife Debra. Debra is angry at the world because her marriage got ruined and she needs to take care of our hero until he finishes university. Fred meets a lot of sexy milfs in the game and you can decide how they go with their relationship! Are you ready to help him find out the truth about his father and family? Are you ready to meet hot women and make any action? This game is your place to get some adult dreams come true!

Download For Gallery UnlockerMEDIAFIRE *Version .09013 **Just overwrite the www/data folder from the original game archive you downloaded, Reversing the mod will not re-lock the scenes you had unlocked by playing the game.Download For PatchINCEST PATCH *Version .09013 *If you use an older patch for a newer version of the game, your game will definitely be bugged. 041b061a72


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