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The Devil's Rejects |TOP|

Anyway, of the supplements that have been ported over, at least the two audio commentaries are quite good. Filmmaker Rob Zombie flies solo on track one, while the rejects themselves Sid Haig, Bill Moseley and Shari Moon Zombie have a grand old time on track two. Those who only judge Mr. Zombie on his scary good looks will be surprised by his contribution here. Far from some screeching death rocker, he is well-spoken, intelligent and studied. This guy clearly loves classic '60s and '70s genre pictures, and smartly pays homage to the films that inspired 'The Devil's Rejects' without sounding like an overactive fanboy. He also offers a good deal of insight on the production end of things, but having already seen "30 Days in Hell," even a commentary as strong as this one can't quite compete. However, the cast commentary is a hoot, with Haig as ringmaster. It is almost scary how much fun these three seem to have had making the picture, at least considering its subject matter. Yet this track might be the film's best defense, as Haig, Moseley and Zombie offer some much-needed perspective to the film's detractors, who understandably had trouble separating the glee in which the actors infused their character's psychotic behavior from an actual bloodlust on behalf of the filmmakers. Definitely worth a listen, even if you hate the film.

The Devil's Rejects

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