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World Of Subways Vol.3: London Underground Down... !!TOP!!

Since the first underground railway opened in London in 1863 between Farringdon and Paddington, the metro has become one of the most important modes of mass transportation in the modern world. Almost every major city around the world possesses its own metro network, into which commuters pile into every day to get to and from work. There are few systems, however, that can boast the ridership figures of the below systems (outside of COVID-19 restrictions of course).

World of Subways Vol.3: London Underground Down...

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Underground "maps" are basically diagrams that allow the reader to detect the path from A to B and they are of course a distorted representation of the real world. So distorted that they are not even maps. But, although diagrams underground "maps" have their own language made of symbols, colors, text and lines. 041b061a72


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