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[S3E6] Audition

Frank and Mac are at the bar to make their microbrew where Frank is putting almost lethal amounts of moonshine in. He then tries to add antifreeze and Mac stops him, saying they don't want to kill anyone. Dee arrives and complains that she has to see numerous auditions for her talent show and will not allow the guys to "steamroll her" like they always do. She asks where Charlie and Dennis are, and Mac states they are gathering intel and that they can't fail because of a "secret weapon" (the Duster). Dennis and Charlie enter the Korean BBQ with Dennis sporting the Duster confidently, though Charlie claims he would have worn it better despite it being too big for him. The two unhappily see how popular the bar is and are horrified at how delicious the microbrew is. They also see that the BBQ is hosting a karaoke contest, with a prize of $500 and that numerous people have signed up. They try to break down a door labeled "private" but are stopped by the bar's owner, Mr. Kim, a man who looks very much like Kim Jong-Il. He throws them out into the alley before confronting a worker, Sun Li, taking a break, telling her to go back to work. Charlie and the worker talk about how awful Mr. Kim is, as he treats his workers like slave and doesn't let Sun Li drink beer. Charlie invites her over to Paddy's before she is summoned by Mr. Kim, and gives the two a romantic look. Charlie and Dennis begin arguing over who she gave the look to.

[S3E6] Audition

Back at the bar Mac and Frank have taken over Dee's talent show to make it better than the karaoke contest, much to Dee's dismay. Mac, Frank, and a very drunk Dee are hosting auditions for Dee's talent show impersonating Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, and Paula Abdul, respectively. Mac and Frank question why Dee got drunk and she says its because they stole her talent show and steamrolled her like always. Charlie goes back to his apartment and realizes Sun Li followed him home because she likes him, despite seeing him eat out of the trash. The two hang out in Charlie's apartment where Charlie makes a victorious call to Dennis about how Sun Li chose him but becomes upset when Dennis says he's coming over to win her over.

At the audition, Dorothy Lloyd plays Mercedes Minch, the woman who sings like a chicken. Lloyd often contributed animal voices to children's recordings for Columbia Records, a division of CBS. Sadly, her hysterical song is generally cut in syndication.

Many fans have pointed out that Ackles, a veteran of the CW's Supernatural, once auditioned for the role of Cap, which ultimately went to Chris Evans, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That's what they believed for many years, and that's what has been peddled around the internet. Ackles, however, confirms to EW that while he may have been in contention for a brief time, it was so brief he never actually auditioned.

"Did I audition for Captain America? No, I did not," Ackles says during a sit-down interview for EW's The Boys season 3 cover shoot. "I don't necessarily know, was that an auditioning kind of a thing? I feel like they just met with people on that."

While the Third Years rehearse for their upcoming regional tour, the Academy goes a little Hollywood when a film crew arranges to use their building as a location for a new indie movie. Abigail defies Miss Raine and auditions for one of the minor acting roles.

This has been a superb series, subtly enhanced by the addition of Bronagh Gallagher as Birdie, doing that looking-on-in-astonishment thing she did so memorably in Pulp Fiction. This week, despite bungling a video audition for an advert, Arthur embarks on an extraordinary run of good fortune which brings him international notoriety; not a good time for Bulent to suggest a poker game in his sister's absence.

Vivian visits her friend Nancy for a surprisingly comforting combination of homemade pickles, chicken salad, and chocolate cake. Ben and Vivian audition a new chef to offer Ben some relief and much-needed time to focus on his art. Premieres September 26. Check local listings. Continue 041b061a72


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