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1080p Hollywood Movies Dual Audio Speakers

- Built-in dual stereo speakers bring extremely clear and powerful sound. No need for external speakers.- Support 360 surround sound effect. Provide more exciting atmosphere for home parties or live sports matches.- Image / audio effects can be adjusted slightly in the settings menu to better suit your own preferences.- Advanced cooling system is applied. Fan sound is less than average level.(Less than 36 db at the distance of 1m.)

1080p hollywood movies dual audio speakers

What's more, you can also control the volume of the speakers using the remote control. And if you have a compatible smart TV, you can just as easily use the V700W as a universal AV receiver and enjoy your favorite movies and shows on your big screen TV.

In their most basic form, both DTS and Dolby Digital support 5.1-channel audio (i.e. a typical home cinema system with five speakers and one subwoofer). And more advanced versions of the formats support 7.1-channels, HD surround sound and overhead speakers, in the form of DTS:X and Dolby Atmos.

These top-of-the-line, cutting-edge home cinema audio technologies from Dolby and DTS are a step up from traditional surround sound. They recreate object-based effects, such as a plane flying overhead or bullets zinging around the room, thanks to multiple audio signals aimed at set-ups with a greater number of speakers than the standard 5.1.


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