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[S1E15] Choke Doubt

The X-Files premiered on Friday, September 10, 1993 on FOX, amidst some doubt over the viability of the series' nature. The show was developed by Chris Carter, who, after becoming interested in stories of purported alien abductions and government coverup-type incidents (such as Watergate), formed the concept of a darker investigative-type show touching on such aspects and other, more supernatural facets, featuring elements from such titles as The Twilight Zone and Kolchak: The Night Stalker, as well as the recent hit film The Silence of the Lambs. After his first pitch to the network was rejected, he re-worked the pilot into network approval with help from Daniel Sackheim, then a producer for Law & Order.

[S1E15] Choke Doubt

A customized Remington 870 is seen wielded by career criminal Warren James Dupre (Jason Schombing) to commit a robbery and attempt to kill an FBI agent at the beginning of "Lazarus" (S1E14). The shotgun features a short barrel and forend featuring a Butler Creek tactical synthetic loop pump-grip, along with a pistol grip and heatshield over the barrel as well as a door-breaching muzzle brake. This is the exact same custom Remington 870 that appeared in the films Timecop, Crying Freeman, and several other movies and TV shows filmed in British Columbia - In this instance, the weapon has been fitted with a pistol grip rather than the combination pistol grip/stock seen in subsequent appearances (undoubtedly, the latter feature was added by the armorers later on).

As such, Eli increasingly confronts his own fears of abandonment and his self-doubts as the leaders and crew come to rely on him. He initially bonds with Chloe Bennet, hoping to pursue her romantically; however, her interest in Lt. Scott causes Eli to keep things platonic, becoming her most trusted confidant on the ship and a surrogate "big brother". Eli is particularly close to Sgt. Riley, with whom they share technical interests, and he is visibly distraught by Riley's death in the line of duty. His relationship with Rush is initially strained, as Rush sees him as a competitor and someone with "unearned" success, as Eli's natural intelligence and creativity are nearly on par with his own, even without having completed college or dedicating himself to years of additional study, as he did. Eli discovers that in an alternate timeline, he married Cpl. Barnes and started a family with her, though once the disaster that would have caused the schism is avoided, he decides against acting on this knowledge for the time being. Eli forms two unconventional friendships: one with Sgt. Greer, whom he respects and fears, and a second with Camille Wray who shares his homesickness.

Simeon, portrayed by veteran television and film actor Robert Knepper, is introduced as a Lucian Alliance soldier during the incursion. His loyalties so far have remained vague except to support the strongest or most capable leader at any given time, first following Commander Kiva, then Varro, and then Dannic until the incursion comes to an end. Of the Lucian soldiers, he is the only one to doubt Telford's account of the shootout with Commander Kiva, questioning how Telford could have been taken by surprise and shot in the front instead of his back. Besides Varro, he is the most analytical of the Lucian soldiers.[22] After the incursion, Simeon proves to be unwilling to mix with the rest of the Destiny crew and Greer takes it upon himself to keep him under close scrutiny while he moves around the ship. He also refuses to share information with the crew, giving them false information and is mad when he discovers everyone else is cooperating. He later murders Ginn and Amanda Perry as Ginn reveals to Earth that he has the information Earth needs about a possible attack against it and escapes from the ship, killing a few crew-members along the way. He battles the crew on a desert planet and indicates that the attack on Earth is retaliatory and that his own family was affected in someway by the war with Earth so he wants revenge. The crew all give up except Rush (wanting revenge for Perry's murder) who causes a stampede which runs right over Simeon, severely injuring him. Helpless and at Rush's mercy, Simeon pleads that he has critical information, but Rush just shoots him in the head, killing him in revenge for Perry's death.

In the fifth season, Admiral Tarkin appears resembling his original character. After the funeral for the Jedi Temple's bombing victims and the murder of Letta Turmond, Tarkin assumes that Ahsoka Tano is the culprit and attempts to have the Padawan arrested. Ahsoka flees into the sewers, but is eventually recaptured. After Ahsoka is expelled from the Jedi Order and tried before a jury of senators, Tarkin heads the prosecution while Padmé Amidala heads the defense. Despite Amidala's impressive defense, Tarkin casts doubt by mentioning that Tano had been seen with Count Dooku's minion Asajj Ventress. After Tarkin and Amidala's arguments conclude and the jury reaches a verdict that the Supreme Chancellor is about to read, Anakin arrives with the true mastermind of the crimes; Ahsoka's treacherous friend and fellow Padawan Barriss Offee.

When one officer starts to argue that the Rebels could find a weakness, Vader says the plans will come back to them. However, he argues again, and Darth Vader force-chokes him. However, Tarkin, being manipulative, tells him to release the officer, and states that he will crush the rebellion once and for all.

The ponies screamed. And then they saw Nightmare Moon transform in a flash of white light. In an instant, before their eyes stood Princess Luna, and not Nightmare Moon. It took a few seconds but the colts and fillies realized what they had just seen. And alongside Princess Luna they began to laugh. Any doubts anyone may have had about the future of Nightmare Night disappered at that very moment, and were never again brought to the surface. 041b061a72


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