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Fivem Another Sound Pack Gun Sound ((LINK))

@sharpeye0163 The shotgun sound was actually the second gun sound I made for this sound pack more than a year ago, but I never bothered to change it since I never got any complaints, but I'll look into it. Thanks haha!

Fivem Another Sound Pack | Gun Sound

I downloaded this resource [Release] Custom server sided sounds then replaced the sounds with what I wanted. I also looked at how the file pathing and the __resource.lua was done and I added custom engine sounds. If you add this once you get into the server you may have to wait a for minuets for the new sounds to load.

@TheAdmiester i've noticed some sounds actually work depending on the DLClist placement. I had to move this mod to the top of my DLClist so it would work because at the bottom i had no sound but i also have 700+ cars so anything could be conflicting

Yeah both of these sounds conflict with other which is pretty ridiculous. If the solution is for ME to fix it then I don't think that's pretty good. Shame because they both sound amazing and it was great work. 041b061a72


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