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Download Garena Heroes of Newerth and Discover the Thrill and Strategy of a Top-Tier MOBA Game

Hi guys, Ive recently moved from the UK to Vietnam and have been trying to access HON- I have downloaded the garena client and Garena Plus however no matter what I do the icon will not show up on the games bar. Whenever I click the HON client itself on my desktop nothing happens. I have read this is because you need to use Garena Plus to use HON. How do I get the game to show up on the games bar so I can play, I have tried changing the region settings as suggested on the Garena forums to no avail. I have tried both Dota2 and LOL because of this issue but can't stand either of them. Does anyone know how to solve the issue? Thanks

Hi everyone! I don't play hon since 2 years. I wanted download it again, but the main site doesn't work, it says: " took too long to respond." Only Garena Hon site works. It's the same hon client? Thanks!

download garena heroes of newerth


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