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see you soon! v2.0.0+ build 997 - 2018-03-04 language: general new feature in this build: we have some changes to how our data is indexed. if you are seeing images or links listed as 0 or 0.0 in the database, this was likely a result of this process. were still in the process of updating all image metadata, so if you notice this, please be patient! scripting many smaller scripting related changes have been made. these include some subtle corrections made to the way the scripting controls work in various components. specific fixed bugs discovered and corrected. ender io corrected issue where adding things to carts through the api or ui were being cached. items now are always added. fixed issue where the ability to select multiple entities at once via the ender io was broken. security minor correction to item names within ender io. chat due to some changes in the database, a few fixes have been made to make sure that the internal chat system works correctly for the latest version of the game. it should now be clear again if the chat system sends messages at odd times to the user. polish weve made more minor fixes to polish our user interfaces. apis weve made changes to how we handle what servers we want and dont want to receive data from. this means your current data should be more robust. fix for issue where it would sometimes say that you didnt have any data.electron microscopy of thermal injuries of mouse epidermis. electron microscopy showed that the acute thermal injury to mouse epidermis consisted of denatured and desquamated keratinocytes, degenerating keratohyalin granules, and changes in the intercellular junctions. initially, there was an edema in the outer layer of the epidermis resulting in a disruption of the subbasal lamina. subsequently, severe damage occurred with complete dissociation of the keratinocytes from their basement membrane. similar changes were seen in the dorsal root ganglia after thermal injury, suggesting a process of wallerian degeneration similar to the desquamation of epidermal cells.




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