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Producers Olivier Delbosc and Marc Missonnier from Fidelity Films offered Laurent Tirard the project, who immediately accepted it because he had grown up with the characters from the story. About the story, Tirard said, "It... struck me as obvious. I grew up with Le Petit Nicolas. I read [it] when I was a teenager. This work represents me and speaks to me. I immediately knew what the film would look like."[6] Tirard further added that the character of Nicolas was very personal to René Goscinny, saying, "I knew that the key would be to adapt the both in his work and in his life, so I tried to understand the character of René Goscinny. This was someone who was looking for his place in society, and he had to win through laughter... [Goscinny] realized that laughter could be both a defense [in] a society where you do not feel out-of-place and a way to insert. These are things that I read between the lines of his biographies, and [they] spoke to me. The little boy looking for his place in society has become the axis on which to build the story."[6]

Little Nicholas

The dialogue between the fictional life of Nicholas and the lives of his creators is achieved by having Nicholas (voiced by Simon Faliu) step off the page to engage in conversation with the two men as they first begin to create his family and friends before moving on to a series of tales, including - to Nicholas' horror - a visit from a little girl, and an eventful trip to summer camp. In between times, the little boy quizzes Goscinny and Sempé about their personal history, so that we learn something about what makes them tick and the way that their own experiences - which were not always rosy - were reflected in the development of the character, who offers them a sort of wish fulfilment.

Once upon a time, there was a little boy drawn in black ink. This little boy went off to win the hearts of millions of readers. From the school yard to the beach, from Paris to the countryside, join Little Nicholas with his family and friends for exciting new adventures.

When discovering this pure masterpiece of animation, recently awarded the Crystal Prize at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival, we see the short stories of Little Nicolas being drawn before our eyes, but above all we learn more about the meeting and the long friendship between these two great personalities of literature. Their collaboration had succeeded in transcribing with genius the way in which the children saw the world that it is the friendship between buddies, the work at school, the first meetings with the girls, all sounded so right and of poetic way in these novels. The undeniable complementarity of René Goscinny and Jean-Jacques Sempé is shown here with a real nostalgia and above all we understand better how they created their universe, the name of little Nicolas, his family, his friends at school. Despite the short duration of the film, nothing is forgotten and we come out with a tear in our eye and especially the desire to dive back into the novels of our childhood, whatever our age. The universality and timelessness of the stories partly explain why these novels have kept their strength intact in the same way that the Asterix stories can be reread with the same pleasure.

It had taken a lot of plotting with calendars and back-and-forth emails, but we\u2019d arranged for a straight-across swap where we\u2019d stay in one of the cabins on the Skeena, and Mark, Justine and their little Nicholas (plus other assorted relatives) would vacation in our Maui house. 041b061a72


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