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Same-sex partner abuse, Gay men-Services for-Evaluation, Victims of family violence-Services for, Social work with gays, Cultural competence, Domestic violence, Intimate partner violence, Gay males, LGBT, Intersectionality, Service provision

gay male master

This theoretical study explores the problem of gaps in intimate partner violence services for gay male victims of abuse and the implications for social workers and other service providers. Unequal access to appropriate, affirming, and inclusive partner abuse services is a widespread problem for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) individuals and communities, and, for the purposes of this study, partner abuse specifically among gay men is considered. This study utilizes two theoretical models, intersectionality and cultural competency, to provide a guiding framework for service providers to use when assessing current services and implementing improved policies and procedures. Intersectionality considers the "social contexts created by the intersections of systems of power (e.g. race, class, gender, and sexual orientation) and oppression (prejudice, class stratification, gender inequality, and heterosexist bias)" (Bograd, 1999, p. 276). Cultural competency focuses on the development of skills and self-awareness in order to provide higher quality services to groups and individuals (Abrams and Moio, 2009; Jani et al, 2011). These models, when combined, can potentially assist service providers who intend to serve populations that have historically been ignored or underserved. Two organizations in the Northeastern US are used as examples of community agencies that continue to successfully reach the LGBTQ population, provide appropriate partner abuse services, and offer technical assistance to other agencies that wish to make their services more inclusive.

The restaurant was sort of quiet and they were seated off out of the main traffic areas so Master knew that he would be able to quiz Slave some more without really having to worry about being overheard. Master felt like he needed to do something to break the ice so he asked, "Are you wearing panties tonight?" Slave thought his face would explode in redness as Master asked him that question. Slave stammered some as he said that he was wearing panties that night. Master asked him if he had packed only panties and left all of his boxers and jockey's at home. Slave confirmed that he did leave all of his male underwear at home for this road trip. Slave also said that he had packed his baby doll. Master smiled again as he saw how Slave was struggling to hold down his voice to prevent from possible being overheard.

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Friedman, MS and Marshal, MP and Stall, R and Cheong, J and Wright, ER (2008)Gay-related development, early abuse and adult health outcomes among gay males. AIDS and Behavior, 12 (6). 891 - 902. ISSN 1090-7165 041b061a72


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